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Good News, Bad News!

2011-06-22 02:51:46 by KoizuKakuro

Even though this is my first day, I have news for you guys. (Quick, huh?)
Good: I am eligible for my annual Primary 5/Grade 6 student camp!
Bad: I will not be on NG for 3 days. =(
even better: So to make up for it, I will upload 2 songs for you guys to listen to and comment and ya know, STUFF.
So yea, gonna upload the stuffz now.

-Dylan (my real name, Koizu is an alias. Because Japanese things are awesome. Yeah.)

EDIT: Kaleidoscope (Thrill Short Edit) by DJ F-infinity-X + Mystic and You're Like A Butterfly by DJ F-infinity-X + Energy.5 is now ONLINE! Go check it out!


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